04 Aug 2021

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We want to say Hello to every new user that is visiting EyeOnAnime! We hope you will enjoy the time that you spend on Eye On Anime site! Below we present you our archives from 2004 year when we were in the best health and our site had a lot of new users.. So.. Take your time to read all of our data from a yeaaaars ago and we hope you will enjoy the content on the best site about Anime!

– EyeOnAnime.co.uk Team


Hello I’d like to welcome anybody who picked up one of our little promo flyers form Aya Again over this past weekend. This is our new UK based anime news, DVD review and resource site ran by Rob, and me: Damian. So I hope you like our site.

To start with we have a few UK DVD reviews already on the site, these can be accessed either from the left hand menu on this, the main page – which is where you’ll find any recent updates and additions to the site. After that reviews can be found via the resource section, just look for the series title and select the disc review. But I’ll keep you up to date of what’s what while we get things settled.

If you are interested we currently have reviews posted for, Noir 1-3, Dai Guard 1-3, Burn Up Excess 1, Vampire Princess Miyu 1-3, Escaflowne 1-2, Alien of Darkness, Animatrix, Read Or Die, Blood The Last Vampire, Lum The forever, Oh My Goddess 1-2, Cowboy Bebop the Movie and Yuki Terai: Secrets. We also have a wallpaper section and a fledgling Links database, if you have a site and wish to submit a link to add to the database, you can, by simply filling in the online form.

Just a reminder to people to check out the release dates table (found in the news section) regularly as I sometimes update the table without putting a news header in to tell people. A notable slip is the Samurai X: Box set that has slipped to 19/01/04. Also of note is that by clicking on “title” and “due” table headers you can list titles either by alphabetically or by most recent release date.

While I’m getting seriously distracted with other projects (hence the lack of updates on my part) Rob has taken a look at the second volume of MVM’s Gunslinger Girl.

Keeping us on our toes about what to expect over the summer months, ADV have issued their August title press release, looking at what we can expect then. Rounding off two series in Elfen Lied and DN Angel, Get backers and Cromartie High continue and Saiyuki Requiem gets a stand alone movie release, click more for a read and cover art.

Rounding off our entries into the eyeonanime review writing competition, you may notice afamiliar names here as Alistair takes a look at Gasaraki vol01, one of Adv’s oldest DVD releases. Ian took a look at Manga’s New Dominion Tank Police, and Rob has capped off the Love Hina releases with a review for the Love Hina: Christmas Special.

eye on anime

There is now also an article up found here., as a special overview and credit thanks for everyone who took part, listing all the rviews and what Leah had to say about the winning entries.

Those who keep there eye on our ever increasing resource section will now begin to notice that some of the entries sport a new feature as we start to include an “other title recommendations” to the listings, only a few titles have recommends at the moment but this will increase over time as we make more changes.

Two more reviews from the ranks of your competition entries from the keyboard of Matt Tolley, who deserves a special mention for the number of entries he sent in. He’s looked at Manga Ent’s
Shadow Skill and Optimum’s Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

ANIME sports

Two more reviews from Matt Tolley as part of the Eyeonanime review comp, he’s looked at Vampire Wars from Manga Ent, and the ironically now sold out (click “more” for more on that) Dirty pair Flash vol1.
And from yesterday’s posting we have Rob’s more recent look at the second instalment of Heat Guy J from Manga Ent that was released back on the 15/05/06.

Doing the usual internet rounds this morning a couple of new discoveries have been made, posted on animeUKnews,net one of their forum readers has spotted that sky channel 139 “LifeShowcase” is airing the classic 1960’s anime Kimba the White Lion.

And over at UKanime.com they’ve discovered through reading the latest issue of Newtype USA, that the BEEB’s resident Japanophile Johnathan Ross looks top be working on a new series about his favourite far eastern land, no other details are known as of yet.

We head once again into the review competition entries and down memory lane, first stop and not all that far back to its release, Kelda Sproston has taken a look at Optimum’s release of Barefoot Gen, released last year in time for the Hiroshima anniversary. Then going further back to Sept/2002, Mark Blackburn has taken a look at MVM’s release of the Lupin movie Secret of Twilight Gemini, then for our last stop, Matt Tolley has looked at Manga’s june/2002 release of the Macross Plus: Ultimate Edition, thanks guys for all those.

The surprise showing at the Expo has to go to the very impressive Oban Star Racers, due to start airing on Jetix on 21 October they previewed the first two episodes of the 26 episode long French/Japanese co-production. The creator was on hand as well to answer a few questions and introduce the show which he has been working on for several years, some may remember a fansubbed title called “Molly Star Racer”. Look for Oban Star Racer when it starts on Jetix you’ll be impressed, we did also hear (but only tentative) that someone has the DVD rights to Oban Star Racver for those that don’t have access to Jetix.

I guess the news everyone wants to hear is yes, Manga Ent have the DVD rights to Naruto, they have picked up the first 52 episodes and will be releasing it in 13 episode sets, called “Naruto Uncut” featuring English Japanese and DTS. The First set is due out on 21/08/06. The presentation was a joint presentation with Jetix who have licensed Naruto for airing on Jetix, they will start showing it everyday from 22/07/06 and have so far the first 26 episodes to coincide with the UK school summer holidays.

What I did find interesting as that the Naruto licensing were independent of each other, the Manga released DVD’s and the Jetix TV showing are pure coincidence.

Reported over at animeuknews.net they’ve found out some more details about the impeding UK invasion planned by the show Naruto
“- Jetix will premiere Naruto on UK TV with broadcasts beginning on the 22nd of July.

  • It will be shown every day at 6:30PM and 9:00PM.
  • Manga Ent. will be distributing Naruto on UK DVD and they “hope to have the first DVD out before Christmas”. There is no more information available yet.
  • UK Shonen Jump label Gollancz will be releasing the Naruto manga, though as with the DVD release, no specific release dates are available at this early stage.”

For those that download the advanced expo guide .pdf file for the Expo from the London Expo site and look on page 10, (gif copy of that page) You’ll see the time listings for the various events. At 13.00pm on the Saturday it looks like it’s a joint Manga Entertainment and Jetix presentation which also includes the UK premiere of the first Naruto episode!

  • I’d link directly to the pdf file but the only way I could get it open was via photoshop – hence the gif copy.

Looks like all those rumours of 2+2=5 are getting increasingly accurate.

The entries have now all been read over and our independent judge, Leah Holmes reviewer for SFX magazine, has picked out the winners, she has also put a little critique together for the entries she has picked out click “more” for that.

In first place we have a review for ADV’s release of Generator Gawl vol#1 written by Chris Bottoms from Essex.
In second place we have a review for the You’re Under Arrest OVA DVD from MVM written by Jitendar Canth from Plumstead
And Leah has also picked out a honourable mention third place review that goes to Luke Pierce for his review of ADV’s Dragon Half

Many thanks again to all who entered this competition has been a great success, I’ll be emailing the winners shortly and look out over the coming weeks for all the other entries to appear on eyeonanime.

You all may have noticed that for the majority of the day the site has been in-accessible, we appear to have corrected the problem for now but would like to apologies for the inconvenience caused and should the problem come back please bare with us.

In the meantime you may also spot a new feature we’ve added, the “big pic” feature where we can now highlight something in our news with a larger picture than the usual ones.
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